Monday, 14 December 2009

past events

Wednesday 16 December; Saturnalia party at The Moot With No Name. Venue Devereux public house, 20 Devereux Court, off Essex Street, London WC2. Meet from 7.30pm, event starts at 8pm. Admission £2. For more details, visit

18 -20 December; Midwinter Bear Feast. Festival inspired by Sub-Arctic animistic and shamanic traditions. This year's event is fully residential, with accommodation in a Celtic roundhouse and Viking longhouse. Rituals and performances will be held in a reconstruction of a Bronze Age tribal parliament from the Isle of Man. The location is in Cranborne, East Dorset, England. Tickets are £45 each and meals, entertainment and accommodation are included in the price. For more information and to book tickets, visit

19 & 20 December; Yuletide Fayre at Westgate Hall, Canterbury, Kent. Winter Solstice Celebration featuring traditional music, seasonal plays and festive food from 11am to 4pm. Entry free. For details visit

Sunday 20 December; Druid Open Ritual. Chance to celebrate Alban Arthuan (the Light of Winter) on Primrose Hill, London, with the Druid of Wormwood Scrubs. The event starts at 12.45pm and ends at 1.45pm. Meet on Primrose Hill, London NW1 8YH at the entrance opposite Rothwell St.

Sunday 20 December; Anderida Gorsedd is holding a Winter Solstice Ritual at The Long Man of Wilmington, in Sussex. Meet at 1.30pm near the Long Man of Wilmington car park, for a walk up the hill at 2pm. Then after retire to the Giants Rest pub for a social drink. For more details, visit

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